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To enable retail cryptocurrency payments across more than 10,000 merchants, a South African startup called Momint has partnered with 1Voucher.

A South African startup called Momint has developed a blockchain wallet that lets users spend their cryptocurrencies at more than 10,000 South African retailers via the 1Voucher vouchering system.

The Momint app enables users to purchase a voucher that can be used for purchases at more than 10,000 small businesses and spaza stores in South Africa using either Ethereum ($ETH) or $USDC.

Local news sources state that the following retailers are supported:


Users also have the choice to utilize their bitcoin with: a variety of restaurants, as well as:

Lift Airlines and

for paying the expense of transportation.

Additionally, the app streamlines business with more than 5,000 foreign retailers.

“A number of collaborators have entered the picture to make something like this possible. 1Voucher is a key partner here, according to Momint CEO Ahren Posthumus, who spoke to eNCA.

Users can make payments using the specified special 16-digit pin after receiving a coupon. The following merchants accept 1Voucher payments:

Pick n Pay
Total Energies
Incredible Connection
Sportsman’s Warehouse
Cape Union Mart
Old Khaki
Mr D Foods
Uber Eats
Cell C

Momint is not a cryptocurrency exchange, although it has external exchange links with BankX and Transak through its in-app wallet. Because of this, users may conveniently top off their cryptocurrency balance from within the Momint app.

Additionally, the Momint wallet has an international money transfer feature. According to the business, this can be done for a lot less money than it would cost to use conventional techniques.

As long as you follow the law, moving money across borders using blockchain technology is extremely affordable, according to Posthumus.

“Sending money across borders can cost as little as one cent, regardless of the amount.”

However, Momint’s solution is not original. The crypto company CryptoConvert announced in February 2023 that it had made its CryptoQR platform accessible at all Pick n Pay locations throughout South Africa.

“At over 1,500 Pick & Pay locations throughout South Africa, you can now pay with Bitcoin Lightning at the register. Use your preferred Lightning wallet with the CryptoQR QR scanner software and the “Contactless QR” payment option, said founder Carel Cat.

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