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900K users joined TonKeeper, the top TONNE blockchain wallet, in May 2024 alone, drawing in over 1.3 million users in Nigeria.

The top wallet on the TONNE blockchain is TonKeeper, which lets users buy eSIM and gift cards with cryptocurrency in addition to providing staking services and private dApp browsing. According to Oleg Andreev, CEO of TONNE App, a directory of all the apps accessible in the TONNE ecosystem, the platform has experienced tremendous development in Nigeria and is rated as the top wallet.

“The response has been extraordinarily positive in terms of reception. In Nigeria, there are presently 1,300,000 active users, and in May 2024 alone, 900,000 new users joined. This increase highlights the usefulness and need for such a function in the real world, particularly in places with restricted access to conventional financial infrastructure.

The general success of TONNE Blockchain initiatives among Nigerian users is credited with contributing to TonKeeper’s growth. Specifically, the recent craze for blockchain games based on Telegram, like NotCoin, is probably a major factor in the May 2024 spike. According to BitKE, NotCoin attracted over 30 million users in May 2024, making it a big global endeavour. Through their interactions with several TONNE services, such as TonKeeper, as well as other wallets, exchanges, and games, these individuals accrued points. Users could eventually be able to trade these points for tokens on exchanges, providing them with real worth.

Andreev claims that TonKeeper introduced the Battery service in late April 2024 to get ready for the NotCoin listing, along with the debut of $USDT on TONNE. The idea is to charge the battery in advance, which pays the fees.

Without visiting an exchange to purchase coins to pay for blockchain costs, TonKeeper Battery enables you to accept tokens (stablecoins, NFTs, etc.) and make payments with them. TonKeeper Battery automatically covers your fees. With only one swipe, you may use in-app purchases, $TONNE, or stablecoins to quickly charge the battery.

Because it made it possible for users without TonCoins to fully engage in the ecosystem, this invention was essential. We handled over a million transactions through Battery and paid over $100,000 in fees in just two weeks, demonstrating our effectiveness. It verifies the feature’s usefulness and demand, facilitating newcomers’ access to blockchain without forcing them to make an initial investment of $TONNE.

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