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A Nigerian cryptocurrency trader receives recognition for returning almost $13,000 in misdirected $SOL tokens.

More than 35 $SOL tokens have been awarded to an African cryptocurrency trader as members of the community continue to recognise and honour his kind and honest actions. During an interview, Femi Akinola, the trader, disclosed that a cryptocurrency dealer on X by the name of Crypto Network had planned to give him $100 in Solana tokens ($SOL) as a giveaway, but inadvertently transmitted $100 $SOL, which is equivalent to almost 20 million Nigerian Naira (~$13,670).

The Crypto Network contacted Akinola after realising the error and requested that he return 90 SOL and retain 10 SOL as a token of gratitude. As to the post on X by The Crypto Network, he expressed his amazement when Akinola promptly returned the 90 SOL and cooperated.

“I used to hear about similar incidents where people had to make ethical decisions and would think it was superhuman. But at that moment, all I could think of was my integrity and doing the right thing,” said Akinola who has continued to receive gifts in different ways.  

Akinola hopes that by doing this, the international cryptocurrency community will view Nigerian dealers more favourably. He stated that he plans to use his newly acquired notoriety to host free lectures intended to inform people about cryptocurrencies. When questioned about recent occurrences in the African cryptocurrency scene, Akinola advised against taking part in pump-and-dump operations because they only serve to erode public confidence in the sector.

He acknowledged that it was a tough choice to return the substantial quantity of $SOL tokens that had been inadvertently delivered to his account, but he did it because of his Christian beliefs.

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