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Adaverse, the Cardano-backed Accelerator Launches Startup School For Web3 Founders in Africa

We are beyond thrilled to announce the launch of our Startup School, an educational arm of Adaverse that will feature a podcast and a resource hub for young entrepreneurs in Africa.

The Startup School webinars will host accomplished entrepreneurs, industry thought leaders, and blockchain experts from across the globe to teach valuable insights and useful industry tips for starting and growing successful Web3 businesses. 

Until now, there has been a distinct lack of material tailored to African entrepreneurs, especially in the crypto space. The rising startup market in Africa is projected to be worth over $300 billion by 2025. In 2022, African startups raised $5 billion; however, in terms of funding and unicorn startups, the continent is still behind. In contrast to the United States with over 250 unicorns and China with 100, Africa produced only 5 unicorns in 2022, from Nigeria and Egypt.

Our aim with the startup school is to provide builders with knowledge, insight, and advice to optimize their efforts while navigating the African market with a global focus, increasing their chances of growing into unicorns. The Startup School webinars will be accessible across popular podcast streaming platforms including iTunes, Apple Podcast, and Spotify.

To get notified of the debut webinar release, sign up here: 

Big things are happening at Adaverse this year

Our website is getting a new look to accommodate more startup-focused resources; we are expanding our support network into more African countries, spotlighting the amazing Web3 solutions through our BuildUp Africa podcast; and now, we have launched a Startup School to bridge the knowledge gap for young entrepreneurs with huge dreams, including first-time founders who have brazenly embraced blockchain innovation. 

Adaverse Startup School will feature a weekly educational webinar covering a range of topics led by experts in various fields that dive into the different aspects of starting a company in the web3 sector and scaling in emerging markets. The webinars will be hosted by George Payne, Adaverse Venture Partner and expert podcaster. Each episode will explore the fundamental components of building a highly successful Web3 business, managing growth expectations, creating result-driven strategies, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance as a founder.

Our newly updated website will be home to the Startup School Resource Hub, a repository of support materials, tools, guidebooks, and information that contain a variety of resources such as pitch decks and business plan templates, financial modelling tools, blockchain encyclopedia, tokenomics, legal guidance, market research data, and training manuals that help transform business ideas into successful ventures. 

Entrepreneurship is a tough nut to crack

Out of everyone that dares to build a solution, only 10% of startups eventually succeed. One of the significant factors in achieving startup success hinges on access to abundant resources for rapid scaling and growth during the critical early years. As a Cardano-backed accelerator, we are dedicated to sustaining and supporting young entrepreneurs in their most delicate years. Adaverse Startup School is directly linked to our venture capital fund and the 3-month accelerator program, participants are encouraged to apply for Adaverse funding while they build capacity through the weekly webinars.

Adaverse is open to applications from founders all year round. Apply for funding here.

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