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African Nations: Ripple’s Strategic Partnership with Onafriq Unveils Cross-Border Payment Channels

In a groundbreaking move, Ripple has revealed comprehensive plans to establish innovative payment channels connecting 27 African countries with key regions such as Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). This strategic endeavor stems from Ripple’s partnership agreement with Onafriq, a prominent African mobile payments provider. Leveraging Ripple Payments’ blockchain technology, Onafriq will collaborate with three associated entities to streamline cross-border transactions.

Onafriq’s Collaborative Effort:

Onafriq, a well-established partner of Ripple in its on-demand liquidity (ODL) solution, is set to capitalize on Ripple Payments’ blockchain technology in conjunction with three collaborator companies. Zazi Transfer will facilitate transfer services to Australia, PayAngel will extend its services to the U.K., and Pyypl will oversee transactions within GCC member states, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Addressing the Crypto Landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa:

Ripple’s Senior Vice President of Global Customer Success, Aaron Sears, highlighted the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Notably, countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa are witnessing consumers integrating digital assets into their day-to-day transactions. The collaboration with Onafriq aims to capitalize on this growing trend and offer faster, cost-effective cross-border payment solutions.

Integration of Ripple Payments for Enhanced Efficiency:

The recently introduced payment channels are designed to harness the capabilities of Ripple Payments, a technology powered by XRP. This initiative targets the elimination of the prolonged transfer durations and high expenses commonly associated with traditional remittance payments. According to Ripple’s press release, connecting PayAngel, Pyypl, and Zazi Transfer with Onafriq over Ripple Payments is anticipated to bring significant benefits to individuals seeking to send money into Africa from various global locations.

Onafriq’s Evolution and Global Presence:

Formerly known as MFS Africa until early November 2023, Onafriq underwent a name change following its acquisition of U.S.-based mobile payment software developer, Global Technology Partners, in June 2022. This strategic rebranding was necessitated by the trademarked status of ‘MFS’ in the United States. Onafriq, recognized as one of the world’s largest remittance services providers, operates in an extensive network of 40 countries across Africa, boasting an impressive 400 million mobile wallets.


Ripple’s collaborative venture with Onafriq signifies a pivotal step towards revolutionizing cross-border payments across Africa and beyond. By leveraging Ripple Payments’ blockchain technology, the partnership aims to address the challenges associated with traditional remittance methods, providing individuals with faster and more cost-effective solutions. As the crypto landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa continues to evolve, initiatives such as these hold the promise of transforming the dynamics of financial transactions and fostering greater financial inclusivity on a global scale.

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