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AfriLabs expands to new countries

AfriLabs, the largest pan-African association of innovation enablers, has announced its expansion to the Kingdom of Eswatini and five new African cities. The additions include Matsapha, Zanzibar, Baidoa, Ota, and Musanze.

This expansion is a significant milestone for AfriLabs and will help to further its mission of fostering robust innovation and digital economies in Africa. The new hubs will allow entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators to connect, collaborate, and access resources. They will also help to promote innovation policy advocacy and knowledge sharing across the continent.

AfriLabs new hubs are:
  • Novation City in Morocco
  • Privilege Access in Cameroon
  • Eureka Geo in Cameroon
  • Cube Zanzibar in Tanzania
  • Thousand Hills Hub in Uganda
  • Somaliland Innovation Zone (SIZ) in Somaliland
  • Southwest Innovation Hub in Nigeria
  • Kabarak University Innovation and Business Incubation Center in Kenya
  • Moolu Venture Lab in Nigeria
  • The Stalwart Hub in Ghana
  • Platinum Hub in South Africa
  • Ubulu Africa in Nigeria
  • Hebron Startup Lab in Ghana
  • WAN-Hive Ghana
  • Green Tech Innovation in South Africa
  • Royal Science and Technology Park-Business Incubator (RSTP) in South Africa

AfriLabs’ Director of Community, Mayssa Mrabet, is optimistic about the impact of this expansion. “We will continue nurturing, supporting, and celebrating innovative ecosystems across the continent,” she said. “This is a major step towards our goal of achieving a digitalized Africa by 2030.”

The expansion is a welcome development for the African digital economy. It will help create a more connected and vibrant innovation ecosystem on the continent and pave the way for the growth of digital startups and businesses.

“This partnership amplifies our impact, aligning our island’s unique strengths with AfriLabs’ vision for a flourishing African innovation landscape,” said Said Suleiman, Co-founder and Director of Cube Zanzibar, Tanzania.

“Becoming a member of AfriLabs is a unique chance for us to be part of the African digital ecosystem and access numerous opportunities,” says Mely Monique, the Founder and CEO of Eureka Geo in Cameroon.

The AfriLabs Annual Gathering is the perfect opportunity to learn more about this exciting initiative. The event will be held in Kigali, Rwanda, from October 11-13, 2023.

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