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Binance Celebrates Six Years with Over 140 Million Users, Showcasing Community Spirit and Impressive Growth.

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, is commemorating its sixth birthday and six years of expansion, innovation, and community-driven success.

“With your help, Binance funded $15 million equivalent in cryptocurrencies six years ago, beginning our journey as a crypto-to-crypto exchange. Six years ago today, we introduced the Binance exchange with five coins in two languages. Since we lacked a marketing staff, we had to borrow a customer care team from a friend’s business, according to CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

Zhao continues in the post that users flocked to the platform because the business made challenging choices to constantly protect users. China outlawed cryptocurrency exchanges and initial coin offerings in 2017, but the industry was still a loss-making startup at the time.
Zhao claims he decided to pay $6 million of his own money to safeguard users’ investments.

“The crypto community at large responded to our activities in an extraordinarily favourable way. Globally, a large number of users flocked to us. We had 120k users a month later and started to make money.

Zhao used the occasion to highlight several noteworthy figures that support Binance’s extraordinary journey:

Global User Base: More than 140 million people have had financial access thanks to Binance.
Token Listings: Over time, Binance has emerged as the platform of choice for cryptocurrency aficionados looking for a wide variety of digital assets. From its modest beginnings with just five tokens listed, Binance has grown to support an astounding 600+ tokens. This broad range serves its sizable user base’s varied needs and investing preferences.

include for multiple languages: After first debuting in just two, the platform has since grown to include more than 40 languages. Users from all over the world can access Binance’s services and interact with the platform in their favorite language because to our extensive linguistic support.
Customer Support workforce: The platform has assembled a strong workforce to help users with their concerns, assuring a flawless user experience, with thousands of employees solely committed to customer support.
Proactive Compliance: With licenses and registrations in 17 different countries, Binance has achieved tremendous progress in the regulatory field. These proactive compliance initiatives show Binance’s dedication to upholding legal requirements and promoting a safe and reliable environment for its users.

Market dominance: Based on trading volume, Binance has become the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. This accomplishment, which was initially reached on December 18, 2017, is still being upheld, strengthening Binance’s position as the market leader.

As Binance looks to the future, it sees important factors that will change the landscape of the sector. Decentralized finance (DeFi) is continuing to grow, traditional financial players are entering the crypto arena, and legal clarity is improving, heralding a new era.

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