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Bitcoin, Binance Coin correlation hits record 98%

An intriguing observation from the crypto world highlights the significant correlation among prominent cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Binance Coin (BNB) have registered a striking correlation of 98% over the past year — an all-time high. As Bitcoin, the market-leading cryptocurrency, saw its value dip below the $26,000 mark, a corresponding decline was observed in BNB’s value. The BNB token has also dipped under $210, a significant drop from its year-to-date high of approximately $345.

This high correlation underscores the extent to which BNB relies on Bitcoin’s performance and suggests that market movements of the latter could serve as a significant indicator for the former. The shared downfall of these two prominent cryptos could implicate a broader market downturn, and this correlation might act as a critical metric for investors to anticipate future market trends.

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