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Bitcoin Soars, MATIC Gains Momentum, and Everlodge Integrates AI

The recent hint by the Federal Reserve about a potential interest rate drop has reignited excitement in the crypto market, triggering a surge in Bitcoin’s value beyond $40,000. Simultaneously, Polygon (MATIC) has experienced a noteworthy uptrend, prompting predictions of a potential price surge. Amidst this market activity, Everlodge has captured the crypto community’s attention with its innovative approach to incorporating real Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the blockchain space.

Bitcoin’s Surge and Future Projections:

Following the Federal Reserve’s optimistic stance on a potential rate cut, Bitcoin has capitalized on the positive sentiment, surpassing the $40,000 mark and setting its sights on $44,000. Analysts project that if Bitcoin breaks above $43,400, its price could extend beyond $44,000. Furthermore, there is anticipation in the market regarding the imminent approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF, which could potentially drive the price above $50,000.

Bullish Momentum for Polygon (MATIC):

Cryptocurrency analyst Bluntz has shared insights on Polygon (MATIC), identifying significant bullish signals. According to Bluntz’s analysis, MATIC is poised for a potential 20% push, potentially rallying to surpass $1. The positive outlook for MATIC is attributed to upcoming developments, including the network transition and the launch of a rebranded POL token. Additionally, Lumoz’s announcement of the EVM-compatible ZK-Rollup, StableNet, on Polygon, adds further momentum to MATIC’s potential price increase.

Everlodge and the Integration of AI:

In the midst of the crypto market’s dynamic movement, Everlodge has emerged as a notable player by integrating real Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its blockchain-based real estate marketplace. Recognizing the growing significance of AI in platforms utilizing smart contracts and cryptocurrency, Everlodge aims to empower its members with tools for making informed real estate investment decisions.

AI Tools for Informed Real Estate Investment:

Everlodge’s AI tools offer members the capability to monitor, scan, and analyze global real estate values. These tools not only provide access to the latest global real estate prices but also utilize AI technologies to forecast future values. The project’s commitment to global accessibility and ease of real estate investing has garnered significant attention, attracting investors to purchase the native network token, ELDG.

Projected Upside for Everlodge:

Analysts express optimism about Everlodge, projecting greater upside potential compared to the Polygon coin. With over 18 million ELDG tokens swiftly sold and Everlodge connected to the $280 trillion real estate market, there is confidence that ELDG could reach $1 per token by 2024, a substantial increase from its current trading value of $0.025.


As the crypto market experiences notable shifts, with Bitcoin surging and projects like Polygon and Everlodge making waves, investors are closely monitoring these developments. The intersection of blockchain, AI, and real estate in Everlodge’s innovative approach signifies a broader trend where technological advancements shape the future landscape of the cryptocurrency space.

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