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BitcoinOS Unveils ‘Superlayer’ Protocol, Introducing Rollups to Enhance Bitcoin

A new platform named BitcoinOS aimed at bringing Bitcoin into the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape has been introduced by a team of blockchain developers at Sovryn.

The platform, which the developers describe as an “operating system” for Bitcoin, utilizes “sovryn rollups,” creating a foundational layer for decentralized applications (dapps) on the Bitcoin network, according to an announcement posted on Sovryn’s website this week.

This platform, presented as a “public good,” allows any developer to contribute and build tools in their preferred programming language.

BitcoinOS will be “be game-changing,” the announcement on Sovryn’s website proclaimed, noting that it combines “rollup flexibility and scalability, ensuring interoperability, and allowing seamless movement of Bitcoin and native assets across systems.”

“BitcoinOS redefines Bitcoin as a global operating system for the world,” the announcement added.

BitcoinOS increases speed and lower costs of transactions

Bitcoin’s primary blockchain, recognized for its high security, has over the years been criticized by some members of the crypto community for its slower transaction speed and higher costs during peak periods.

BitcoinOS aims to address these limitations by providing scalability, programmability, interoperability, and a nearly trustless security model.

The platform’s fraud system enables even a single honest participant to prevent fraudulent transactions, thereby enhancing security.

Sovryn’s announcement also highlighted that BitcoinOS allows for complete smart contracts, enabling developers to launch their rollups, fostering composability and interoperability among various applications.

The project thus seeks to prevent liquidity silos and enable shared economic activity between different projects, the announcement said.

Sovryn is also known as the issuer of the Sovryn Dollar (DLLR), a Bitcoin-backed decentralized stablecoin which is redeemable for BTC.

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