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Coinbase appoints ex-UK finance minister to advisory council

Former U.K. Chancellor George Osborne has been appointed to Coinbase’s Global Advisory Council to focus on the firm’s regulatory strategy and global expansion.

Osborne’s appointment brings a wealth of experience in government and international finance, particularly in fintech investing.

Coinbase Chief Policy Officer Faryar Shirzad highly regarded Osborne’s capabilities, emphasizing his significant role in guiding global expansion. Osborne expressed enthusiasm for blockchain technology, recognizing its potential to revolutionize financial markets and online transactions, and remarked on Coinbase as a key player in these developments.

Osborne’s tenure as chancellor involved key fiscal responsibilities similar to those of the U.S. Treasury Secretary, including preparing the U.K.’s annual budget and setting inflation targets. Notably, his term aimed at balancing the national budget, including housing and child benefits cuts and a reduction in corporate taxes to boost business activity. Osborne is a partner at Robey Warshaw LLP, a boutique investment bank.

Coinbase’s global operations are expanding despite facing a lawsuit from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over its crypto staking program. The company has obtained international licenses in countries like France, Spain, Singapore, and Bermuda.

Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO, has hinted at the possibility of increasing investments abroad or relocating the company if regulatory clarity in the U.S. remains elusive.

The lawsuit saw a recent development where U.S. District Judge Katherine Polk Failla questioned the SEC’s broad interpretation of securities laws. Legal experts have viewed Coinbase’s arguments favorably, with some predicting a high chance of the lawsuit being dismissed.

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