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Coinbase CEO Acknowledges User Concerns and Vows to Enhance App Experience Amidst On-Chain Activity Surge

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong acknowledges that the surge in on-chain activities on the new layer-2 network Base has revealed significant flaws in the user experience of the Coinbase app and is committed to enhancing it.

In an August 13 Twitter post, Armstrong pointed out various issues that have emerged during the ‘Onchain Summer‘ event on Base, a festival involving product launches, brand activities, and NFT releases from August 9 to 31. 

He noted the issues surrounding the user experience (UX) in the main Coinbase app for NFTs, Dapps, and Layer 2 solutions. 

He acknowledged the shortcomings, stating, “One thing #OnchainSummer is exposing is how broken our UX is in the main Coinbase app for NFTs, Dapps, and L2s today. Sorry to say, but true.” 

Armstrong emphasized the importance of honestly confronting these challenges to drive improvement, noting, “If we face the truth, we can get motivated to improve it. These need to be first-class experiences, and #OnchainSummer is a great impetus to have every employee feel that pain ourselves and fix it.”

While noting the issues with the UX of the Coinbase app, he highlighted the progress made by Coinbase Wallet in this area while acknowledging that there is still significant work to be done. 

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Engages Users to Improve App Experience and Prioritize User Feedback

In his post, Armstrong invited users to share their UX pain points and issues on the Coinbase App to encourage user input and feedback, promising to prioritize addressing them.

He said, “If you have a UX pain point or something not working, send us feedback in the replies to this tweet, and we’ll try to prioritize it.”

The response that garnered the highest number of likes upon release came from Racer, a developer at Friendtech. 

Racer requested the addition of a speedy settlement credit card on-ramp to Coinbase, eliminating the need for users to create a separate account.

Subsequently, there was a plea to address a persistent bug. This bug affected the connection between Coinbase’s mobile wallet and Google Chrome.

Armstrong pointed out that the bug was more enduring than initially anticipated.

Looking ahead, Armstrong announced plans for rapid updates over the next two weeks, specifically targeting the most significant pain points identified by users. 

The crypto industry has long grappled with UX problems, as many companies overlooked user experience. 

Bybit, however, has stood out with its exceptional UX design. Bybit recently achieved a remarkable milestone, securing multiple accolades at the esteemed International Forum (iF) Design Award 2023 for its UX.

This year, Bybit earned two UX tool awards: Bybit Copy Trading, an in-app crypto trading tool focusing on transparency and fairness, and Crypto Strategy Creation, aiding personalized trading approaches in the intricate digital assets market.

These awards, chosen by 88 independent design experts, underscore Bybit’s supremacy in crypto exchange UX design, outshining numerous rivals. 

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