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Coinference 3.0 explores disruptive tech in Africa

The Technext conference featured thought-provoking conversations on topics ranging from Blockchain and NFTs to AI and gaming.

The Technext Coinference 3.0 which held on October 2nd was a remarkable event that explored the world of futuristic technology. Themed “Disruptive Tech: New Frontiers, New Opportunities,” the conference featured thought-provoking conversations on topics ranging from Blockchain and NFTs to AI and gaming, providing valuable insights into the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Blockchain’s potential in Africa

Chris Ani delivered the keynote speech at the conference. Ani who is the founder of Digital Abundance Business Academy (DABA) and a long-time advocate for crypto adoption shed light on the challenges faced when implementing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in Africa.

He emphasized the need for a more business-oriented approach within the blockchain industry, as opposed to a gambling-oriented mindset.Ani’s words resonated with the audience, highlighting the importance of leveraging blockchain technology for economic growth and innovation in Africa. He also discussed on the role of blockchain in addressing the continent’s economic challenges.

AI and NFTs transforming entertainment

During the panel session titled “The Future of Entertainment with NFT and AI,” industry experts Ebenezer Ugo Akachukwu, Venn Oputa, Malik Afegbua, and Paul Okeugo discussed the significant roles that AI and NFTs play in the entertainment industry.

Paul Okeugo, the president/founder of record label Chocolate City Media Group, expressed his enthusiasm for AI’s potential to transform the music industry. He acknowledged that AI can bring about substantial changes and improvements in the creation and distribution of music.

On the topic of responsible AI use, Malik Afegbua of SlickCity stressed the importance of ethical considerations. He noted that AI is a tool that can be used for both positive and negative purposes, underscoring the necessity for proper regulations and heightened awareness to prevent misuse.

The panelists collectively agreed that AI and NFTs are poised to reshape the entertainment landscape, offering new opportunities for artists and content creators.

Making money with gaming

Another insightful panel session, “Making Money with Gaming,” featured Adora Nwodo, Olushola Edu, Kunmi Adepenigba, and Judith Okonkwo as panelists.

The group discussed avenues for monetizing gaming.

Olushola Edu who is the founder and creative director of Deluxe Creation Studios, highlighted the diverse methods of generating revenue from games to include advertising, in-app purchases, game sales, brand placement, and collaboration with publishers. Edu emphasized that digital media is the preferred mode of communication today, making gaming a lucrative sector for entrepreneurs and developers.

The event also featured panels on “Crypto beyond buying and selling” and “AI and Blockchain: Opportunities today and tomorrow,” which further deepened the discussions on the transformative power of these technologies in various sectors.

A panel on the “Future of Payments in Africa” panel, with participants Ogochukwu Umeokafor, Olubunmi Fabanwo, and Miray Ozel explored the evolution of payments and cryptocurrencies in the African context. They discussed the growing role of cryptocurrencies in financial transactions and the potential impact on the continent’s economy.

From blockchain to AI, NFTs, and gaming, the event highlighted the vast opportunities that await those willing to embrace and harness the power of technology in Africa.

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