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CoinW embarks on global expansion and solidifies its position as a leading crypto exchange

CoinW, the renowned crypto exchange, is setting sail on a journey of global expansion, propelling itself toward new horizons while solidifying its position as the most reliable player in the crypto market. With a strong commitment to innovation and user-centric principles, CoinW is strategically leveraging captivating events and international sponsorships to demonstrate its unwavering dedication to excellence in leading the industry forward.

In a series of significant milestones, CoinW showcased its prominence at prominent industry events such as Paris Blockchain WeekConsensus 2023 in Austin, Texas, and Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023. These engagements served as valuable platforms for CoinW to connect with the global crypto community, share insights and contribute to shaping the future of finance. CoinW actively participated in the Tokyo Web3 Spring Hackathon and DAO Montenegro, engaging with the brightest minds, top Web3 projects and communities to drive Web3 developments forward.

CoinW is embarking on a global expansion strategy to further broaden its presence across key regions. The company’s expansion plans include establishing a strong foothold in Europe, North America, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Turkey, South East Asia, Australia and overseas Chinese communities. By proactively engaging with diverse markets and communities, CoinW provides users worldwide with a secure and user-centric trading experience, ensuring their confidence in CoinW as the most reliable crypto trading platform.

As a prominent player in the crypto exchange space, the strategic move of CoinW will enable the company to penetrate new markets and extend its services to a broader audience. CoinW has already achieved a significant milestone by securing local sponsorship deals with renowned sports teams and prestigious championships in these regions. These partnerships enhance CoinW’s brand visibility, and testify to its position as a trusted and influential crypto player.

CoinW’s expansion efforts have made significant waves in the world of sports. The company achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first crypto trading platform to enter La Liga, the well-known Spanish football league. It also became the official supporter of the EAFF E-1 Championship 2022, a groundbreaking collaboration in East Asian football. CoinW further showcased its support for the football community by sponsoring FC Dinamo Batumi in the Georgian Super League.

Highlighting its dedication to the world of sports, CoinW took pride in sponsoring the 13th Global Soccer Awards Ceremony at the prestigious Madinat Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai. This collaboration marked another industry first, with CoinW being the first-ever crypto exchange to partner with the Globe Soccer Awards.

CoinW’s global expansion initiatives, and unwavering dedication to excellence through strategic sponsorships and partnerships demonstrate its commitment to reshaping the future of finance. CoinW aims to foster innovation, drive industry growth, contribute to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, and pave the way for a new era of innovation and trust in the crypto landscape.

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