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Court Dismisses Former Monero Developer’s Bid to Have His Extradition to South Africa Declared Illegal

Former Monero lead maintainer, Riccardo Spagni, has lost his bid to have the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in South Africa declare his extradition from the United States illegal. The SCA ruled that Spagni did not sufficiently argue for the voiding of the extradition process. Spagni had challenged the Western Cape High Court’s handling of the extradition hearing, arguing that the extradition request should not have been submitted by the director of public prosecutions. However, the director of public prosecutions argued that Spagni’s argument became moot after he was transferred to South African authorities.

Spagni initially resisted extradition from the US to South Africa, but eventually agreed to return on the condition that his “release on warning had not been cancelled and the state had to cancel it.” This paved the way for Spagni’s transfer from US custody to South African law enforcement. However, Spagni had filed a suit with the SCA challenging the Western Cape High Court’s handling of the extradition hearing prior to his departure for South Africa. The SCA dismissed the suit on mootness alone, stating that Spagni had failed to make out a case for the court to determine the validity of his extradition process, as that would have no practical effect.

Spagni’s trial will now continue at Cape Town’s regional magistrate court. The former Monero developer has been accused of fraud and money laundering charges related to his alleged involvement in a Ponzi scheme known as “AfriCrypt.” He was arrested in the US in July 2021, and later released on bail.


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