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Deloitte & Astar partners to Innovate Sports with Blockchain

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group has teamed up with Astar Network to bring about a blockchain driven disruption in the sports industry. Their focus is Astar zkEVM compatible NFT development tools for Layer 2 which is the solution bringing increased transaction efficiency upon Ethereum.

As the leader in Web3, Deloitte has invented a NFT-based game app based on basketball as a sample. The digital batting practice system has NFT “Emblems” added to it, which injects a new engagement level and rewards.

Beyond gaming, Deloitte provides blockchain technology through blockchain-based service development and key blockchain programs implemented as APIs. This functionality was embedded into the LIFE LOG BOX builder platform earlier.

This initiative is in line with the Japan Sports × Technology Utilization Promotion Project, which aims to promote an industry upgrade of sports via digital transformation and the use of data. A nationwide project designed for players of national junior high school baseball is progressing at present.

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