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Fintech Africa | Chimoney, Powered by Web3, Acquires Scrim, a Nigerian Social Payments App

Chimoney, a Canadian-based global payment solutions company with Techstars support, has acquired Scrim, a Nigerian social payment app aimed at the digital youth.

According to Chimoney, Scrim, which was already using its infrastructure and API, will relaunch with new features in December 2023.

Uchi Uchibeke, a former Shopify programmer, created Chimoney in Toronto. The company has gained recognition for its creative approach to international payouts and goal of democratizing access to financial services, particularly in areas neglected by large platforms like PayPal.

Chimoney is supported by Web3 organizations such as:

Interledger Protocol

Designed to appeal to a generation that spends a lot of time online, Pleasant Balogun, a teenager who started the company and serves as its CEO and CTO, allows users to send and receive money using social media handles.

With the acquisition of Chimoney, Scrim’s already outstanding functionality is set to be significantly improved.

“According to Chimoney, “Our teams have been working incredibly hard to upgrade the original app features as well as introduce exciting new features.”

Greater stability and dependability for Scrim are promised by the complete integration of Scrim with Chimoney’s API, all while preserving the Scrim name and brand. Chimoney claims that although incorporating some Chimoney aspects into Scrim, its brand and design team is dedicated to preserving Scrim’s original identity.

In the upcoming weeks, Scrim users can anticipate the following new features:

Earning opportunities
Global real-time payments
Shop with Scrim feature
AI features

Chimoney claims that users will have the opportunity to earn money without much effort, whether they use the app to shop or fulfill activities like posting content on social media or sharing articles.

With merely their phone number or email address as an Interledger Wallet Address (Payment Pointer), users of the Scrim app would be able to send money to anybody in the globe, according to Chimoney. Additionally, it will enable confirmed Scrim users to get paid anywhere in the world.

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