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Following successful tests in Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria, World Mobile will provide decentralized wireless mobile technology.

To reward network node operators, the company uses the World Mobile Token ($WMT). The CEO of World Mobile revealed exclusively to BitKE that the Cardano blockchain is the foundation for the currency.

The owner of a decentralized wireless (DeWi) network, World Mobile, has stated that field tests of their DeWi technology in Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria were successful.

With this accomplishment, World Mobile has made substantial progress toward a thorough rollout of their DeWi technology across the African continent.

World Mobile tested its TV white space technology in Kenya and Mozambique as part of its mission to bring reliable and inexpensive internet connection to underserved rural areas. With this technology, mobile network services are delivered using the spare spectrum in the TV broadcast band.

During their field test, World Mobile used Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet technology, in Nigeria. According to the business, Starlink and TV white space are complementary technologies that cooperate to improve network coverage. By utilizing these technologies, World Mobile is able to extend the scope of their network and offer internet access to previously unserved locations by utilizing existing infrastructure and spectrum resources.

The test findings, according to World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins, have validated the viability and scalability of the company’s DeWi technology. With these successful testing, World Mobile is one step closer to achieving its goal of offering dependable and affordable internet connectivity to underserved and rural places around the world.

The new announcement made by World Mobile builds on its earlier accomplishment of establishing a commercial network in Zanzibar in May 2023. In Zanzibar, World Mobile has set up over 300 AirNodes, which act as access points and give a sizable number of consumers wireless connectivity.

World Mobile highlights the impact of its network expansion and the rising demand for accessible and reasonably priced internet services in the area by claiming that more than 16,000 customers benefit from the network everyday.

The network of World Mobile will soon be extended to more nations in Africa and beyond. The business wants to build a worldwide community-owned wireless network by expanding its reach.

According to World Mobile, its DeWi technology provides connectivity at a lesser price than conventional mobile network carriers. This accessibility is a big plus, particularly for rural communities in Africa and other places. The business thinks their solution can help establish a “sharing economy,” which can then be used to raise money for the development of telecommunications infrastructure in underserved areas.

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