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HOW TO | Using Solana Marketplace and, Quickly Create and Share Your Own MemeCoin

A well-known Solana-based marketplace called enables users can easily generate and distribute their own tokens, especially memecoins and other tokens with a humorous theme. sticks out with its straightforward design. Its goal is to make the process of creating tokens more approachable for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency users. You can easily and affordably launch tradable tokens using

The website has made headlines in recent weeks due to a number of celebrities, including Davido of Nigeria, adopting it to launch their tokens.

Making a coin is as easy as selecting the ‘Start a New Coin’ option located at the top of the homepage, coming up with a catchy name, and creating an eye-catching graphic. Before deploying their token, users can create a brief description of the coin and include links to pertinent social media pages by spending 0.02 SOL, or roughly $3. The user must first load their wallet with a modest quantity of Solana tokens that they bought from an exchange like Binance or Coinbase if they are a total beginner to cryptocurrency.

The following instructions will walk you through the process of launching your own memecoin on the Solana network using

1.) Establish a wallet connection

Visit the website using a wallet that works with Solana, like Phantom or Solflare. Click the wallet connect icon in the upper-right area of the webpage. After that, adhere to the guidelines to link your web3 wallet to the website.

2.) Make a token

To “Start a new coin,” click. For your token, include a name, a description, a ticker symbol, and an image upload. The token deployment charge is a nominal 0.02 SOL.

3.) Purchase tokens via the main page

Examine the homepage’s coin availability grid. To view a coin’s details, including its price chart, comments, and recent trades, select the cryptocurrency that piques your interest.

A page including further details, such as a price chart, user reviews, a history of recent trades, and an interface for purchasing or selling the token, can be accessed by clicking on a particular token.

A token’s price increases in a curve with increasing demand, which may be advantageous to early purchasers. A token is listed on Raydium, a decentralised exchange based in Solana, whenever its market capitalization surpasses $69,000. At that moment, the token is burned after being deposited on the exchange for $12,000. A 1% fee on trades and a 2 $SOL incentive for each token that reaches Raydium are how the platform makes money.

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