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IBM introduces new crypto cold storage technology

IBM has announced a new crypto cold storage technology called the IBM Hyper Protect Offline Signing Orchestrator (OSO).

This tech enhances the security of digital asset transactions in cold storage, minimizing risks typically associated with manual handling of these assets while maintaining their separation from online environments.

The OSO technology results from IBM’s collaboration with Metaco, a leading digital asset custody provider and an IBM Business Partner. Metaco’s Harmonize platform, renowned for its robust and secure digital asset orchestration system, will integrate the OSO solution. 

This technology bridges two critical components of Metaco Harmonize, functioning within separate Hyper Protect Virtual Server environments. One component, the Harmonize Core, processes signing requests from external sources, while the other, the Harmonize Cold Vault, remains in isolation, ensuring enhanced security.

Metaco founder and CEO Adrien Treccani emphasized the company’s commitment to offering top-tier digital asset security solutions to its clientele, which includes prominent global custodians and banks. Treccani also pointed out the growing regulatory demands in markets like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan, which increasingly call for robust cold storage solutions.

Integrating OSO with Metaco Harmonize marks a significant step forward in transaction security. The new system offers a sophisticated alternative to physically air-gapped cold storage technologies. 

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