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Importance of Coins

What is the oldest thing you own?

Maybe it’s a family heirloom, a vintage clothing item, or a rare book. But what if you had something that was thousands of years old?

Something that witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations, something that was once used by kings and emperors, something that was more than just a piece of metal. That’s what coins are.

Coins are one of the oldest forms of money and have been used by various civilizations for thousands of years. They are usually made of metal and have a distinctive design or symbol that represents their value, origin, or authority. Coins are not only a medium of exchange but also a source of historical and cultural information. We will list the few oldest coins in the world.

Persian Daric

Aegina Sea Turtle

Ionian Hemiobol

Hallaton Silver Coin

Etruscan Gold Coin

Chinese Knife Coin

Importance of coins

As per historians, coins are important and primary source of history. They convey a lot about empire and the names of kings with their titles and portraits, events, places, dates, dynasties, achievements and logos. It is also said that the composition of metals in the coins can help one understand the economic condition of the empire.

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