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Juventus F.C. partners with Polish crypto exchange Zondacrypto

Juventus, one of the leading football clubs in Italy, has announced a partnership with Zondacrypto, a cryptocurrency exchange originating from Poland. 

The move by the 36-time Italian champions is part of a broader trend of integrating cryptocurrency into football, reflecting the sport’s evolving relationship with the crypto industry.

The club had previously expanded its engagement with in September 2023, a relationship that began in 2018 and aimed at enhancing fan interaction through the innovative use of Fan Tokens. Earlier in 2021, Inter Milan, another leading football club in Italy, ended their 26-year partnership with Pirelli instead to feature Socios as its 2021-22 shirt sponsor.

The collaboration will see Zondacrypto’s emblem adorned on the Juventus players’ jersey sleeves, signaling a blend of tradition with cutting-edge technology in sports sponsorships. Zondacrypto, established in 2014, has grown to be a leading regulated digital currency exchange in Europe, with over 1.2 million active users across Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia, and Canada.

This partnership with Zondacrypto builds upon Juventus’s ongoing efforts to offer its fanbase more engaging and rewarding experiences, leveraging the unique opportunities presented by blockchain technology.

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