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Kenya Country Representative Reveals Algorand’s GameFi Platform, Zone, Achieves Remarkable Milestone with 10.6 Million Users Within a Month of Global Release

Blockchain GameFi platform, Zone, has reportedly reached 10.6 million play minutes since its global launch 9 months ago making it one of the fastest-growing platforms in Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America.

The crypto-gaming platform, which also launched in Kenya in March 2023, has experienced 30 million games played on its platform. Additionally, the platform has facilitated a total of 16 million transactions in cryptocurrency.

According to Zone, the platform is built on Algorand blockchain and combines gaming and finance elements in a web-based environment. The blockchain allows for instant reward payouts with minimal transaction fees. Furthermore, the Algorand blockchain ensures trust and transparency throughout the platform’s operations.

Zone allows players to earn cryptocurrency rewards for their gaming skills and targets e-sport and casual gamers with internet-enabled devices such as laptops and smartphones. Users can earn over Ksh.65,000 ($500) a month by playing the AAA games, Zone Fantasy and Zone Games.

Besides Kenya, Zone platform is accessible in other African countries.

Gamers also use the platform to pay participation fees via paid pools and earn rewards as well as purchase gift cards from the Zone Marketplace.

Additionally, users who hold the Algorand token may be able to benefit in the long term especially if Algorand starts going toward its previous all-time high of KES 445 ($3.41) in 2019.

Some of the popular games on the platform include:

  • A similar game to Temple Run known as Escape Run
  • Candy Fiesta (similar to Candy Crush)
  • Merge Mania

Additionally, fantasy sports include:

  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Fantasy Football

So far the most favourite games played on Zone include:

  • Knife dart
  • Merge Mania
  • Hoop Star
  • Escape Run, and
  • Carrom

“Since we launched Zone globally and in Kenya, we have seen a surge in gamers playing our games more often because of the play-to-earn model that is completely different compared to other platforms. Our game designs are also top-notch for those playing from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. They are not only fun and entertaining but also mind-challenging. All of these factors combined led to the huge traction on play minutes achieved on Zone,” said Avhit Bij, Zone Country Representative.

Speaking in Nairobi, Kenya Mr. Bij announced that the company will be unveiling more new games under its play-to-earn model in Q2 2023 including Ludo, Chess, Solitare, and more.

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