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LAUNCH | The launch of a multi-currency prepaid card marks the strategic partnership between Prime Bank Kenya and Egypt’s MDP.

Traders, tourists, the diaspora, and the business community will be able to load several currencies in USD, GBP, Euro, and Indian Rupee on a single card that is accessible internationally thanks to the multi-currency prepaid card with Chip and PIN security and Tap and Go contactless functionality.

There are five different currencies available for the Prime prepaid multi-currency card: Kenya Shillings, US dollars, British pounds, euros, and Indian rupees.

The card will allow cardholders to pay for products and services in stores, restaurants, hotels, and online. It will also allow them to withdraw cash from VISA ATMs worldwide and use it for travel. The card is powered by MDP, the top card issuing and processing platform in the MEA region.

Prime Bank Chief Executive Officer Mr. Rajeev Pant commented on the launch, saying that the service will allow Prime Bank customers to transact in local and foreign money in a seamless, safe, and secure manner.

“We are thrilled to be launching our multicurrency card in collaboration with MDP, the industry leader in payments. Mr. Pant said, “MDP’s multi-currency card enabled us create a special offering for our consumers, enabling them to perform cross-border transactions with ease.

With the help of the new multi-currency card, Prime Bank customers may now trade in five different currencies, all of which are linked to a single card. This complete banking solution gives our customers access to a better banking experience. According to Mr. Pant, the Bank’s aim of consistently improving its core digital banking capabilities is complemented by this launch.

The CEO of MDP, Ahmed Nafie, stated that providing bank customers with outstanding payment experiences will be made possible in large part by payment processing to digital payments solutions.

“We are delighted to introduce MDP’s solutions to the Eastern African market and to offer the brand-new multicurrency prepaid card as a more practical way for customers to spend and manage cash in a secure manner. We are very excited to be partnering with Prime Bank,” Nafie continued.

Customers of Prime Bank will be able to manage, spend, and transfer their money in many currencies thanks to MDP’s brand-new multi-currency prepaid card. This collaboration was prompted by customers’ increasing need for secure and affordable cross-border payment services.

Prime Bank will provide its clients with a flawless payment experience by utilizing MDP’s state-of-the-art digital payment technology. In doing so, Prime Bank provides clients with

quicker transaction processing thanks to the recently introduced multi-currency product line.

About Prime Bank

First Bank

Kenyan bank Prime Bank has been privately owned for thirty years. The Bank has developed into one of the top commercial banks since its founding. There are 22 branches in its network.

Over time, the Bank has expanded its business operations into additional African nations, including Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, and First Capital Bank, which it used to buy Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe.

Prime Bank has the know-how to provide its customers with individualized, effective, and adaptable services.

About MDP

The top card-issuing platform, MDP, gives companies the ability to implement their financial solutions with end-to-end payment infrastructure offerings, including digital payments, transaction processing, and personalized card manufacturing.

With a tech-driven approach, MDP has been well-positioned in the market for over 30 years and is known for speeding up the payment process. MDP supports the widespread use of cutting-edge, secure, scalable finance solutions that offer smooth, omni-channel customer experiences.

MDP is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt with an extended footprint in more than 40 countries globally. (

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