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LAUNCH | The Nigerian Government Establishes Code Clubs Throughout the Nation in Partnership with Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK-based nonprofit organization dedicated to computer education, and the federal government of Nigeria have partnered with the intention of establishing Code Clubs across the country.

Students between the ages of 7 and 17 are the target audience for this program, and the Code groups are a network of extracurricular artificial intelligence (AI) programming groups. The objective is to develop creative, technologically literate young people in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Minister for Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy announced the program in a statement released early in November 2023. According to the minister, the Code Clubs will expose participants to the world of digital technology and coding while also encouraging them to use creative problem-solving in their daily lives.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation and the Minister, Bosun Tijani, collaborated to establish free coding clubs, highlighting the importance of building a knowledge pipeline in Nigeria. The project seeks to cultivate talent and advance technological expertise in order to accelerate the expansion of Nigeria’s digital economy.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation will offer educators and youth participants extensive toolkits, support, and guidance as part of the partnership. Working with other partners, the Ministry will supervise the creation and management of Code Clubs around the country.

Resources, support, and operational direction will be provided by a designated central organization to the partners, which include individuals, educational institutions, and enthusiastic groups dedicated to furthering computing education.

Code Club partners will receive instructional routes covering a wide range of coding and technology-related topics, such as:

Robotics and electronics
Game development
Algorithms and problem-solving
Introduction to coding
Basic concepts
Web development
Programming languages
Project-based learning

The ministry only recently revealed a new initiative to teach over a million youth various skills, including an introduction to artificial intelligence.

The ministry also unveiled a program in October 2023 that awards funds totaling 5 million naira ($6,444) to forty-five researchers and businesses with an emphasis on AI. According to reports, this is a component of the recently unveiled Nigeria Artificial Intelligence Research Scheme, which aims to promote the broad application of AI for economic growth.

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