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LAUNCH | Unstoppable Domains Opens First Tokenized “.com” Domain Buy and Sell Marketplace

Leading distributor of Web3 domains and digital identities, Unstoppable Domains, has announced the opening of the Unstoppable Marketplace for Web3, which will allow users to easily list and purchase a variety of Web3-enabled domains. This is the first time tokenized “.com” domains have been introduced to the industry.

According to Sandy Carter, Chief Operating Officer of Unstoppable Domains, “the need for a seamless and user-friendly platform to trade onchain domain names has never been greater in the ever-evolving world of Web3.”

“We are thrilled to announce the Unstoppable Marketplace’s launch, which gives users a simple way to purchase and list domains and Unstoppable Web3 directly on our website.”

You may enable Unstoppable Web3 domain features by bringing Web2 domains on-chain through tokenization. domains work exactly like any other Web3 domain from Unstoppable—they are kept in your digital wallet and provide with an amazing array of extra features. This implies that you can do away with the need for complicated wallet addresses by adding your cryptocurrency addresses to domain, making sending and receiving bitcoin easier.

Making domain trading as simple, streamlined, and convenient as feasible is one of the key objectives of the new marketplace. This includes handling transfers, listing and purchasing domains, and finalising transactions. In order to achieve this, the platform has extended support for credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay payments in addition to cryptocurrency payments on mobile devices. This makes it simple for non-crypto experts to complete transactions under $10,000.

The platform is the first marketplace that accepts these conventional payment methods in the Web3 sector. In a similar vein, Unstoppable Marketplace is leading the way in providing domain trade support and providing unmatched access to a wide range of tokenized domain possibilities. Positive comments were made during a demo with a few of Unstoppable’s most prominent users. A user made the following observation:

One person complimented it as “a great way to showcase a marketplace for both onchain domains to.crypto,” and another said, “The interface is incredibly easy to navigate.”

Tokenization domains is a step Unstoppable said it was taking to close the gap between Web2 and Web3 earlier this year [2024]. Tokenization expands the market reach of traditional domains like “.com” by making them dynamic, tradable assets that are simple to buy, sell, and lease. Conventional domains’ usefulness is further increased via tokenization. This covers utilising cryptocurrency as a unique identity, transmitting and receiving it via a domain, and connecting it to a decentralised website. To create a cohesive and powerful online appearance, these domains can also be linked to digital assets, social media accounts, and corporate processes.

The marketplace provides a set of streamlined tools and services for merchants, enabling them to:

  • Easily list and manage their domains
  • Access a wider audience thanks to flexible payment options, and
  • Enjoy hands-off automatic transfers after a domain is purchased, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience

Unstoppable Marketplace gives users the following options on the buying side:

  • Quickly and conveniently discover Web3 and tokenized .com domains in one place
  • Enjoy the convenience of both traditional and crypto payment methods, and
  • Benefit from automatic and guaranteed domain transfers after purchase, ensuring that bought assets are received promptly and securely

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