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Launched in Kenya and South Africa, the Telegram Wallet Bot will expand to additional countries in 2024.

Wallet, a cryptocurrency trading bot, is launching globally on Telegram Messenger in a number of Latin American and African nations.

On November 10, 2023, The Open Platform (TOP), a Dubai-based investment platform connected to TOP Labs and Wallet, announced the Wallet crypto bot’s worldwide launch.

Wallet, formerly known as TON Space when it was first released in September 2023, is a Telegram bot that makes it easier to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies. It has been included into the Telegram settings menu for users in:

South Africa, and

among a number of additional Latin American and African nations.

“I’m pleased to inform that Wallet in Telegram is now available everywhere. This is an exciting time, and our staff has put in a lot of effort. The world will be covered by The Open Platform by Q2 2024, having begun with a few African nations and moving on to MENA, EE, and Asia in Q1 2024, according to Andrew Rogozov, Founder/CEO, at The Gateway in Dubai.

Although Wallet has been available to users worldwide for a few months, users had to search for the bot on Telegram by clicking “@Wallet.” With the most recent version, users may access Wallet straight from the settings menu, saving them time and effort in finding the bot and requiring no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency.

“Our main focus is on developing markets where the lack of accessible financial tools has generated an organic demand for crypto assets,” TOP said through a representative.

“We know that Telegram has a significant user base in these regions, and so it was only natural to start our global rollout in these jurisdictions,” the representative added.

Because they have “a very active Telegram user base with a relatively high rate of crypto adoption,” nations like Nigeria, Kenya, and Colombia stand out.

In order to improve the product’s technical and operational elements before expanding its integration and operations, TOP plans to first launch the wallet in smaller countries.

The Wallet cryptocurrency bot is expected to be released in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Turkey during the first quarter of 2024, following its initial debut in Latin America and Africa. According to the release, TOP plans to finish the worldwide distribution of Wallet on Telegram by the end of the second quarter of 2024.

“”These calculated improvements to TON Space and Wallet highlight our ongoing commitment to making cryptocurrency more approachable for general public users while preserving strong security features,” stated TOP CEO Andrew Rogozov.

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