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LIST | Get to Know the Four Winners of the 2023 Btrust Builders “Build for Africa” Bitcoin Hack Competition

The African Bitcoin education program, Btrust Builders, which rebranded from Qala recently, has announced the winners of its most recent hackathon, which focused on African-made Bitcoin solutions.

The Btrust Builders community voted for eight finalists, from which the four participants were chosen.

1.) BitPension

BitPension, a company creating a multi-signature bitcoin pension platform, took first place. The solution provides a safe and adaptable way to deal with retirement savings issues.

With the help of multi-signature technology and Bitcoin’s decentralized structure, BitPension seeks to enable people to save for retirement while keeping control over their money. Offering a reliable and cutting-edge financial security solution is the aim.

2.) Cut Africa

Splice Africa, according to Btrust, is tackling issues including drawn-out KYC procedures, exorbitant fees, and numerous middlemen that impede cross-border settlements and payments within Africa.

Splice’s approach entails tying together African countries via the globally reachable liquidity network of Bitcoin. By using Taproot Assets on the Lightning Network for automated foreign exchange swaps, it does away with expensive foreign middlemen and lowers transaction friction.

Using mobile money agents/merchants, the system functions as a peer-to-peer non-KYC setup for cross-border payments.

“Transactions are carried out via Taproot Assets and Lightning, with fiat currencies protecting agents and merchants from the volatility of Bitcoin. The objective of this strategy is to improve accessibility and efficiency in cross-border financial transactions throughout the continent.

3.) Covert Funds

Stealth Money tackles the issue of declining fiat currencies in Africa and people’s ignorance-related hesitation to self-custody Bitcoin. Promoting Bitcoin as a savings tool and stressing the significance of “Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins” are two aspects of the solution.

The platform allows users to register, add hardware wallets, deposit local currency, and automate the process of saving in Bitcoin.

The funds that are deposited are converted into Bitcoin and sent to the users’ self-custodial wallets through one-time purchases or recurring plans. This promotes the saving and accumulation of bitcoin, offering a safe substitute for conventional fiat savings that are prone to depreciation.

4.) Let’s get SATS going!

SATS is ready to go! transcends simple reward and acts as a catalyst for change, encouraging the shift from merely compliance to sincere commitment. The goal of this project is to encourage a positive change in attitude and level of participation, leading to more committed and driven people.

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