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Mara, an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain, launches its testnet as it makes the transition to Mara Chain.

The eagerly awaited Mara Chain, an Ethereum layer 2 chain, has officially launched its testnet, according to Mara, a cryptocurrency firm with an African focus.

Mara claims that this cutting-edge network uses MARA coins for transaction fees and is built as an Ethereum-compatible layer 2 network.

The Mara Chain, which forked off of Optimism, another Ethereum L2, is anticipated to offer appealing benefits like astonishingly quick transaction times, affordable gas costs, and simple connectivity with other networks using Optimism technology.

The Mara Chain network has just been introduced, shortly after the Mara Wallet. Users have access to the Mara Wallet, which enables them to trade and withdraw both fiat money and the Mara token.

Developers can thoroughly test their programs and the blockchain itself on the newly established Mara testnet, with the goal of locating and resolving any potential faults or problems prior to the project’s debut. Included in it is the Mara Block Testnet Explorer, a potent tool for interacting and exploring the Mara blockchain.

Users must connect to the testnet using Ethereum wallets like MetaMask. Visit the Mara Landing page and then click “Add Chain to MetaMask,” according to Mara, in order to connect the Mara Network to your MetaMask as quickly as possible.

Mara is actively soliciting feedback from the developer community and its partners, reiterating its commitment to ongoing improvement and the creation of a thriving ecosystem. Mara just reportedly fired off 85% of its workers.

According to a Mara chain spokesperson quoted in the study, “By actively engaging with users, Mara aims to strengthen collaboration and create a supportive ecosystem that nurtures the growth of blockchain applications.” For individuals who labor to advance and improve the Mara Chain’s capabilities, there are material prizes, bounty grants, and development grants.

Mara raised $23 million in May 2022 and declared themselves to be the Central African Republic’s official cryptocurrency partner as well as the president’s advisor on crypto strategy and planning.

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