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Mara releases an Ethereum-compatible testnet, focusing on Africa’s DeFi platform.

Developers from the Africa-focused decentralized banking platform Mara informed CoinDesk through email that the Mara Chain, a forthcoming layer 2 network that uses MARA tokens for fees and is compatible with Ethereum, had released a testnet.
On the Optimism forked Mara Chain, developers from Nigeria and other African nations can create and test their decentralized applications. The network was established following the Mara Wallet’s recent release, which enables users to trade and withdraw both fiat money and tokens.
Chi Nnadi, CEO of Mara, wrote in an email to CoinDesk, “Blockchain technology has become a necessary utility and infrastructure that is critical and essential to the development of every country, similar to electricity or the internet.” Blockchain technology offers several opportunities in Africa that can be tapped into to benefit Africans broadly.

Before a genuine launch, developers can test applications and the blockchain for any flaws or deficiencies on networks called testnets that mirror real-world blockchains.
Sub-second transactional speeds, minimal gas costs, and compatibility with other Optimism-based networks are a few advantages the Mara Chain developers have highlighted.
Before the mainnet launch, developers claimed Mara is constantly looking for feedback from the developer community and partners to enable continued platform improvement.

A Mara chain official stated, “By actively engaging with users, Mara seeks to promote collaboration and build a hospitable ecology that nurtures the creation of blockchain applications. For individuals who labor to advance and improve the Mara Chain’s capabilities, there are material prizes, bounty grants, and development grants.

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