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MaskEX Virtual Card Returns, Empowering Crypto Integration for Millions Worldwide

In a significant development, the highly sought-after MaskEX Virtual Card, powered by MasterCard, has made a triumphant return, and applications are now open for users seeking seamless crypto integration in their daily lives. This crypto-backed debit card has garnered immense popularity on the exchange, offering users a secure and efficient way to utilize cryptocurrencies worldwide.

One of the key advantages of the MaskEX Virtual Card is its extensive global reach, allowing users to make transactions in over 176 countries and access more than 50 million merchants worldwide. The card comes with a generous upper spending limit of $500,000 USD per day, providing users with enhanced spending power for their day-to-day activities.

For added convenience and ease of use, the MaskEX Virtual Card can be effortlessly synchronized with popular platforms such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, Amazon Pay, and eBay, ensuring swift and secure transactions across various services.

How To Apply For A MaskEX Virtual Mastercard

  1. Your MaskEX wallet balance should be a minimum of 15 USDT.
  2. Select the card icon on the upper right-hand side of the application then press the <+> sign button to add the new MaskEX Virtual Mastercard.
  3. Click the <Immediately Pay> button and select the <Confirm> button to proceed.
  4. Congratulations! Your new MaskEX Virtual Card has been successfully added.

How To Integrate MaskEX Virtual Card with Apple Pay

  1. Open the Apple Pay wallet.
  2. Tap the <+> button located on the right side of the wallet.
  3. Select <Debit or credit card>.
  4. Choose <Mastercard> and click on the <Continue> button.
  5. Opt for <Enter card details manually>.
  6. Input your card details (found in your MaskEX App) and tap <Next>.
  7. Enter your payment password when prompted.
  8. Review the Terms and Conditions and tap <Agree>.
  9. The linked card interface will confirm successful integration with Apple Pay.
  10. Congratulations! Your MaskEX Mastercard is now linked to your Apple Pay.

The return of the MaskEX Virtual Card has been met with great excitement by crypto enthusiasts, as it allows them to effortlessly merge the benefits of cryptocurrencies with their everyday transactions. The secure and flexible nature of the card, coupled with its widespread acceptance, positions it as a game-changer in the world of crypto-backed debit cards.

To access the MaskEX Virtual Card and embark on a journey of seamless crypto integration, users can download the MaskEX app on iOS or Android devices.

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