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MicroStrategy buys 3,000 BTC At $155M, Raises Holdings to 193,000 BTC

MicroStrategy purchased an extra 3,000 for around $155 million, or an average price of $51,813 per Bitcoin, between February 15 and February 25, according to a file on Monday.

MicroStrategy’s founder and executive chairman, Michael Saylor, estimates that the company paid approximately $6.1 billion for its entire holdings, which were purchased at an average price of $31,544 per Bitcoin.

The business acquired 850 BTC ($37.2 million) last month, bringing its total holdings to 193,000 BTC, or almost $9.9 billion. 

The money received from the issuing and sale of MicroStrategy shares was used to finance the purchases.

In the filing, MicroStrategy said that, as part of a previous sales agreement, it had issued and sold 1,272,077 shares in total for around $750 million. About $137.8 million of such gross proceeds were received from shares issued and sold since Jan. 1, it wrote.

MicroStrategy said in November that it could sell new shares of Class A common stock for up to $750 million. The corporation sold one million shares for $610 million by the end of December.

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