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NFT Inspect Unveils New PFP Tool for Twitter

There is a new tool that can assist you in determining who owns or has shared a popular non-fungible token (NFT) that you have seen on Twitter.
A new Chrome browser plugin from NFT Inspect, a well-known NFT analysis and community tool, gives real-time statistics on well-liked NFT collections frequently used as Twitter profile pictures (PFPs).

According to Oliver Cohen, president of NFT Inspect, “Twitter has emerged as the central communication platform for all things crypto and NFTs, where industry news, project updates, and community discussions take place in real-time.” But “we observed a lack of comprehensive tools that could harness the power of Twitter and give users a complete solution for tracking, analyzing and engaging with the crypto and NFT ecosystem.”

The Chrome extension of the program, according to Cohen, uses “AI algorithms” to detect content on Twitter that is relevant to NFT. The tool, he continued, may be used to monitor the development of specific communities centered around NFT projects as well as the popularity of various NFT collections. “These insights assist users in making wise choices regarding NFT investments and community involvement.”
Video and GIF files are not supported by the browser extension, which only recognizes NFTs on the Polygon, Solana, and Ethereum blockchains.

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