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NFT performer donates $140,000 to cancer support organization

The cash raised from the event will aid 4,000 people touched by cancer and locals who need immediate and crucial care.

A nonfungible token (NFT) artist raised nearly $140,000 (114,000 British pounds) from an art event in Edinburgh, Scotland, to support cancer

treatment. Trevor Jones, a well-known crypto artist from Scotland, donated 114,000 pounds. funds were raised at a charity exhibition and auction at an annual Web3 Castle Party near Paris. according to Maggie’s Edinburgh Fundraising, the money was used to support free cancer treatment.

The total money raised from the fundraiser will go toward helping 4,000 people impacted by cancer and locals who need vital support. The exhibition held at Château de Vallery near Paris saw participation from 30 artists. Speaking about the event, Jones stated: “The funds raised (from NFT artists) will make a huge difference and will go to support services for those affected by a cancer diagnosis — patients and their families. This is certainly a wonderful way to remember such a beloved artist, also taken by this disease.”

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