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Nigerian Crypto Leverage Searches Second-Highest Globally — Africa Dominates Searches for Leveraged Trading Products

According to an analysis of Google searches by Leverage Trading, Nigeria is the “second-highest country in the world for searches related to crypto leverage.” Along with South Africa and Ghana, the West African nation also dominates searches for the term “trade crypto.” Regulators and consumer protection agencies must “provide greater safeguards against predatory practices,” according to a spokesperson for Leverage Trading.

Leveraged Trading and the Risks

Nigeria had the second-highest score (94) globally for searches related to crypto leverage in the past five years, the latest analysis of Google searches conducted by Leverage Trading has shown. According to the analysis, Singapore (100) is the only country that outscored the West African nation when it came to searches “with an emphasis on transactional searches such as ‘how to leverage trade crypto.’”

On the other hand, the analysis shows that Nigeria, along with South Africa and Ghana, dominate Google searches for the term “trade crypto.” When compared with similar searches by U.S. residents, Leverage Trading found that Nigerian searches were four times higher.

According to Investopedia, leveraged trading is the “use of borrowed funds to increase one’s trading position beyond what would be available from their cash balance alone.” While this form of trading can potentially amplify a trader’s profits, it can similarly amplify losses, hence it is not recommended for the inexperienced.


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