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NODO Launches Self-Custody Wallet

NODO, a leading African blockchain platform, has announced the official launch of its self-custodial crypto wallet, NODO Wallet via a LinkedIn post. The innovative solution offers users complete control over their digital assets and integrates seamlessly with various blockchains, catering to the diverse needs of the rapidly growing African crypto market.

Founded in 2023 by Shogo Ishida, NODO was born from the desire to address core issues within the African blockchain space. The platform aims to create a product that empowers all participants – builders, investors, and users – by offering value across the Web3 ecosystem.

NODO has cultivated a vibrant online community through its educational resources and interactive features. With over 340,000 upvotes on articles and 40,000 quiz completions, the platform fosters user engagement and facilitates knowledge sharing. NODO’s 2023 survey on the most popular blockchain products in Africa provided valuable insights into user preferences, with a full report expected in Q1 2024.

NODO’s gamified system encourages user participation through experience points (XP) earned by posting, upvoting, taking quizzes, and interacting with the platform. Weekly leaderboards reward the top 10 most active users with USDT (Tether), a leading stablecoin.

With over 1.5 million site visits and 2,000 articles, NODO has established itself as a premier blockchain education hub in Africa. Users can access vital news updates, market analysis, trading insights, and educational explainers, making NODO a one-stop shop for Web3 knowledge and market understanding.

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