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Oasys Unveils Blockchain Designed for Gamers, Targets Mass Web3 Adoption

Oasys, a blockchain project focused on gaming, is shaking things up at Consensus 2024. They’ve revealed their vision for the future of blockchain gaming, aiming to address key issues hindering the play-to-earn (P2E) space and drive mainstream Web3 adoption.

The Problem: Stagnant Innovation and Disappearing Value

Oasys argues that the current gaming industry suffers from a lack of innovation. Popular games remain largely unchanged, and user investment (both time and money) vanishes when a game shuts down. This creates a cycle where players return to established titles, stifling fresh ideas.

The Solution: Gaming Assets and Blockchain Integration

Oasys believes blockchain can revolutionize gaming. By leveraging blockchain technology, players’ time and money spent within a game can be transformed into “Gaming Assets.” These assets, representing achievements and records, wouldn’t disappear when a game ends. They’d persist on the blockchain, creating a lasting value for players.

This approach tackles a major hurdle in P2E games: ensuring long-term value beyond just token economics.

Challenges and Oasys’s Vision

While bullish on blockchain’s potential, Oasys acknowledges the limitations of existing platforms like Ethereum. Scalability issues and fragmented ecosystems with L2 solutions create roadblocks for a smooth gaming experience.

To address this, Oasys has built a blockchain specifically designed for gaming needs. They’ve already secured major players like SEGA, SQUARE ENIX, BANDAI NAMCO, and UBISOFT as initial validators, showcasing the industry’s confidence in their vision.

Oasys Roadmap: Building a Better Gaming Blockchain

Oasys’s roadmap outlines solutions to tackle key gaming industry challenges:

  • App Data Availability: Each game will have its own unique chain (L2), ensuring data persists on Oasys’s mainnet (L1) even after a game shuts down.
  • Layer2 Interoperability: Seamless communication between L2s will allow players to freely move assets and collaborate across different games.
  • Ecosystem Scalability: A developer kit will simplify L2 creation and integration within the Oasys ecosystem, fostering a thriving development scene.

The Future of Gaming with Oasys

With gaming poised to spearhead Web3 adoption, Oasys is taking center stage. Major titles like Ubisoft’s “Champions Tactics,” SEGA’s “Battle of 3 Kingdoms,” Com2Us’s “Summoners War,” and Enish’s “Last Memories” are slated for release on the Oasys platform this summer, with more announcements expected from industry giants.

As Matsubara, Director of Oasys, states, “The true value of Oasys will be tested from now on.” Their innovative approach has the potential to reshape the gaming landscape and usher in a new era of player-driven value in the Web3 space.

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