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Only two of the 32 startups chosen for the AfricArena Bootcamp provide decentralised infrastructure solutions.

Two decentralised infrastructure businesses participated in the most recent Safarilex Bootcamp organised by AfricArena in Kenya:

  1. Tanzania’s Mavuno Technologies
  2. Egypt’s NoorNation

32 firms were chosen for their exceptional creativity and potential, including the two. Now that the entrepreneurs are a member of AfricaArena’s Founders’ Deal Flow Bootcamp, they may network.

AfricaArena also routinely hosts summits across the continent, including an annual mega summit in Cape Town, South Africa, in addition to such bootcamps.

The Founders’ Deal Flow Bootcamp programme aims to hasten the growth of potential firms by offering useful insights into critical areas that other incubation programmes typically overlook.

The programme also prepares startups for:

Communication with investors
Building contacts and networks in the extremely competitive IT sector
Through a variety of events and activities, the programme offers founders the chance to engage with other entrepreneurs from different parts of Africa.

Following is a list of notable companies chosen for the Safarilex Bootcamp, organised by areas of concentration:


Arable Grow, South Africa – Addresses food security by democratizing vertical farming technology
WildBio, South Africa – Uses food processing technologies to create affordable, nutritious foods and increase farmer incomes
Chanzi, Tanzania – Converts food waste into nutritious animal feed protein using black soldier fly larvae
Seabex, Tunisia – Improves irrigation management by considering plot data, climate, and cultivated plant varieties
SKT Aeroshutter, Tanzania – Focuses on large-scale reforestation projects in East Africa with an emphasis on sustainability and CO2 sequestration
Koolboks, Nigeria – Develops eco-friendly, solar refrigeration products for domestic, commercial, and healthcare use
Mavuno Technologies, Tanzania – Provides decentralized infrastructure for African smallholder farmers by offering access to finances, farm inputs and professional services


Mazi Mobility, Tanzania – Connects individuals to solar energy access through convenient payment plans
Rensource Energy, Nigeria – Utilizes food processing technologies to make nutritious foods accessible and improve farmer incomes
Ampersand Solar – Focuses on creating circular economies and addressing environmental issues through data-driven solutions

Women in Green Economy

Farm-to-Feed, Kenya – Aims to reduce food loss and waste while enhancing farmers’ income through a circular food system
AI Scarecrow Technologies, Ghana – Uses AI and robotics to deter pests from destroying cereal crops in Ghana
Melanin Kapital, Kenya – Provides African SMEs with access to last-mile carbon financing to enhance green equipment accessibility
Motherland, Kenya – Builds connections between agritech startups and smallholder farms in Kenya

Climate Tech

SunFi, Nigeria – Connects individuals to solar energy access through convenient payment plans
Naturelock Food, Kenya – Utilizes food processing technologies to create nutritious foods while enhancing farmer incomes
Circularity Space, Kenya – Uses technology to create circular economies and address environmental issues through data-driven solutions
Arbreen, Kenya – Focuses on large-scale reforestation projects in East Africa, emphasizing CO2 sequestration
Farmz2u, Nigeria – Aims to build Africa’s operational engine for its agriculture supply chain through data-centric solutions
Noornation, Egypt – A renewable energy startup bridging life essentials through decentralized infrastructure solutions for less-served areas in Egypt and Sub-Saharan Africa
Today, Kenya – A renewable energy semiconductor manufacturing startup
Arena Recycling Industry, Tanzania – Addresses plastic waste pollution through innovative and sustainable solutions, including processing plastic waste using semi-automatic polymer sand technology

In 2019, House Africa, a Nigerian blockchain-based startup, won the Fantom Foundation Challenge 2019 at the AfricArena Conference held in Cape Town, South Africa. Since then the startup has become one of the foremost non-fintech blockchain startups on the continent, most notably securing $400,000 in venture capital funding back in April 2023.

AfricArena now moves to Tunis, Tunisia for the AI, DeepTech, HealthTech & EdTech Summit that will take place from October 11-12 2023. In this summit, investors and African tech startups will meet to discuss investment opportunities in Africa, specifically North Africa.

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