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Optimism completes the “Bedrock” hard fork successfully, cutting deposit delays and layer-1 fees.

The upgrade is one of several changes made to the OP Stack to expand its modularity and provide developers the ability to create their own networks using the program.

According to a statement from network creator OP Labs, the “Bedrock” upgrade of the Optimism network, which reduced deposit times, decreased layer-1 fees, and added security features, was completed on June 7. The upgrade is one of several changes, according to the developer, that together will build a “Superchain” of scaleable Web3 networks using OP Stack software from Optimism.

Bedrock uses several gas reductions the team found, cutting the network’s data availability fees on Ethereum by 40%, according to OP Labs CEO Karl Floersch. The user benefits from these savings by paying less for petrol when using Optimism.

Moreover, the upgrade enables the network to acknowledge chain reorganizations (reorgs) on Ethereum, reflecting these reorgs in the user’s Optimism balance. This makes it possible to cut deposit times to one minute. Due to the requirement to achieve finality on L1, deposits from Ethereum to Optimism previously took an average of 10 minutes.

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