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Re-unveiling Cassava Network: Building Africa’s Gateway to Web3

Cassava Network re-unveiled its mission to onboard Africans into Web3

Here are some key things you should know

Cassava, the widely cultivated starchy root crop, is a vital food source for 65% of Africa’s population. Inspired by the importance and broad appeal of cassava in African communities, Cassava Network launched a community-first product aimed at being an essential part of the Web3 ecosystem in Africa. The platform acts as a bridge between brands and users, facilitating millions of customers’ outreach.

The Cassava products were successfully launched in the last quarter of 2022, with over 30k registered users and 15.7k AfriMyth Avatars created by the community. Currently, the platform has over 300k registered users and over 200k connected wallets. The platform is built around loyalty rewards, entertainment, NFTs, and gaming, offering users an all-in-one Web3 growth tool to earn rewards, while brands can leverage the platform to grow their audience and incentivize users to complete simple tasks.

Cassava Network operates with the CB Coins point system and offers a centralised rewards platform to brands. The platform helps brands to engage with their audience by incentivizing users to complete simple tasks. In addition, the platform offers a multichain wallet that allows users to access various on-chain assets across multiple blockchains without switching from one app to another.

Cassava Network raised $8 million from over 40 investors, including Adaverse, Emurgo, Dragonfly Capital, Coin98 Ventures, Portico Ventures, and Mirana. With these funds, the platform aims to promote the widespread adoption of blockchain in Africa.

Recently, Cassava Network launched its third version, Cassava V3, allowing brands to build their communities, set up tasks, and run campaigns to reward their users with CB Coins and other rewards. To celebrate this release, the platform hosted the Cassava Community Carnival with 20 partners. Each partner received 50 USDT and 2,000 CB Coins to reward users who completed their set tasks.

The Cassava rewards platform allows brands to launch campaigns and reward participants with CB Coins and other on-chain or off-chain rewards. Users can earn CB Coins by completing social media engagement tasks, link and image submission tasks, and many more. Cassava’s off-chain point system allows for easy interaction with the platform, even for people without knowledge of Web3. CB Coins can be exchanged for on-chain and off-chain items, including stablecoins, NFTs, tokens, airtime, event and movie tickets, and vouchers.

Cassava Network is set to launch its multi-chain wallet, enabling users to store, send and receive their digital assets across multiple blockchains. The wallet offers quick and easy access to users’ digital assets on the go.

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