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‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Predicts Bitcoin to Hit $100k l

Robert Kiyosaki, well-known entrepreneur, investor and author of the popular book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has issued another post on Bitcoin, in which he made yet another astounding prediction about the direction in which the BTC price may head in the near future. He has named several reasons why the “digital gold” may rise first to $100,000 and then may end up at $1,000,000 per coin. Here’s what may push Bitcoin way up, per Kiyosaki Investor and nonfiction writer Kiyosaki continues to praise gold, silver and the “digital gold” Bitcoin, which he believes to be important assets. The financial guru stated that he expects Bitcoin to reach the $100,000 level in the near future. The reason for this is that Bitcoin is the “people’s money,” while gold and silver are “God’s money.” This circumstance can help BTC rise as high as $100,000, especially should the stock and bond markets crash, Kiyosaki believes. This would be a major driver for gold and silver, too. However, he also reckons that nothing but bad news can push Bitcoin higher and make it reach the level mentioned above — $1 million.

This, he believes, is likely to lead to the “de-dollarization” of the world since the new currency will be adopted by more than 40 nations, which means trillions of U.S. dollars will flow back to the U.S., unwantedRead more on U.Today

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