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RULES | Zimbabwe ICT Minister: We’re working with the Tony Blair Institute and the EU to create a framework for artificial intelligence and a startup bill.

Felix Mutati, Zambia’s Minister of Science and Technology, has said that the creation of an artificial intelligence (AI) framework is now underway within the government. According to Mr. Mutati, who posted a press release on his X page, Zambia is now developing an AI strategy with the Tony Blair Institute and is also collaborating with the EU to create a Startup Bill.

The Minister went on to stress the need of having an environment that makes AI deployment possible and that the government is actively working to update the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act, which is a key piece of legislation that makes AI deployment possible. First, the statements were made at the Future of AI in Africa Conference, which Compu-Connect Education Group was organising in Lusaka. Prior to this, Compu-Connect Education Group CEO Sarah Luyele Njamu emphasised Zambia’s unique ability to use AI for economic growth, better healthcare, better education, and sustainable development.

This is because of the country’s youthful and dynamic population, which offers special chances to take advantage of AI technology, according to Ms. Njamu. The Ministry of Science and Technology in Zambia has been actively working to establish an inclusive digital economy for the country. According to BitKE, the Minister stated in April of last year (2023) that the nation was emulating cryptocurrency usage in the real world in order to create legislation that strike a balance between innovation and citizen safety. Before cryptocurrencies are implemented, Mutati claims that Zambia needs digital infrastructure, including digital identities.

As a result, Zambia is setting up the necessary digital infrastructure, drawing technological investments, and facilitating access to establish itself as the region’s technological centre.

“Investors are drawn to Zambia because of its unique charm, making it one of the African nations that is most desirable to visit.”

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