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The African Branch of Conflux Network: Promoting Community Empowerment and Blockchain Adoption

As one of the top blockchain layer 1 protocols, Conflux Network is pleased to commemorate the noteworthy accomplishments of its African subsidiary after being named one of the continent’s top cryptocurrencies for the year 2023 by CoinGecko. Conflux Network has been essential in establishing a thriving community and accelerating the use of blockchain technology throughout the African continent ever since it launched the African Chapter in November 2019, right before the pandemic started.

Conflux Network began strategic engagements with key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the industry, including Chuta, Nathaniel Luiz, and GHcryptoguy. Conflux Network also developed relationships with some of the largest media organizations, including BitcoinKE, BitcoinAfrica, and TechNext. These alliances established the groundwork for promoting blockchain technology in Africa and encouraging community collaboration and meaningful conversations.

One of the main goals of Conflux Network’s Africa has been to demystify blockchain technology so that people from all different backgrounds may easily access it. The subsidiary has taken the lead in organizing numerous educational workshops and activities in order to accomplish this. Examples include the recently finished Developers Workshop, which provided attendees with hands-on experience in blockchain development, and the monthly Crypto Tech Night Workshops, which give enthusiasts a venue to learn about the most recent advancements in the sector. Additionally, the Hydra Developer Bootcamp provided in-depth instruction for budding blockchain developers, enabling them to unlock the potential of Conflux Network. It was run in collaboration with ChainIDE.

Conflux Network’s numerous partnerships with respectable companies demonstrate its dedication to cooperation and partnership. The most recent partnership between Conflux Network and Quidax, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Africa, exemplifies the company’s commitment to promoting the development of the blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, the collaboration with GIGXpad to increase web3’s accessibility throughout the African continent shows the platform’s adaptability and scalability. Another significant partnership was created with Trust Graphic Novel, an African book that uses captivating storytelling to teach kids about blockchain technology.

Conflux Network African developed its dedicated website to improve accessibility and deliver frequent updates to the community. Through an educational blog, the platform acts as a hub for African ambassadors and provides helpful insights into the blockchain sector. Visitors can read in-depth articles that discuss the possible effects of blockchain in Africa and stay up to date on the most recent news and forthcoming events.

Amazing progress has been made by Conflux Network Africa in connecting and interacting with the African community. The company has successfully built a robust network of people enthusiastic about blockchain technology with a reach of over 350,000 people, including developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Individuals are urged to connect via Conflux Network’s official website to become a part of this thriving community.

Conflux Network’s Africa is committed to empowering people, promoting creativity, and accelerating blockchain use across the African continent as it moves forward with its mission.

Concerning Conflux Network

Decentralized apps (dApps) and blockchain solutions are the primary goals of Conflux Network, a top-tier layer 1 blockchain technology. Conflux Network, which has the goal of connecting the globe via trust, makes it simple for businesses and developers to create decentralized applications. Conflux Network combines the advantages of a high-performance network with the security and decentralization of blockchain technology by utilizing its special Tree-Graph consensus algorithm.

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