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Users of GoDaddy Web2 Domains (DNS) Can Now Link Their Names to Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

GoDaddy, a domain registrar, and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) have partnered to allow users to link their domain names to ENS.

The aim is to establish a connection between the blockchain-based names provided by ENS and the DNS protocol used by traditional websites. More than 20 million GoDaddy customers will be able to benefit from the ENS blockchain infrastructure by combining DNS with ENS, including the capacity to accept cryptocurrency payments.

In the crypto world, ENS is the naming protocol that is most widely used. Similar to how DNS works in website URLs, it allows users to connect easily readable names, like “bob.eth,” to intricate Ethereum addresses.

Because cryptocurrency wallet addresses are made up of lengthy, intricate character strings, people often find it difficult to remember them. Consequently, they look for more shareable blockchain identifiers. The issue is that these alternative identifiers need extra familiarity with blockchain technologies and are not supported by the Domain Name System (DNS), according to GoDaddy.

“ENS has been leading the way in developing a blockchain-based solution that enables domain names to serve as web addresses for cryptocurrency wallets, apps, and services by connecting them to a domain name via DNS without requiring extra payments or gas fees.”

GoDaddy claims that this partnership makes it possible for customers to easily connect their domain names—such—to a cryptocurrency wallet that is compatible with ENS. The company highlights that accepting cryptocurrency payments has never been easier.

The founder of ENS, Nick Johnson, stated, “By combining the potential of blockchain technology with the familiarity of the DNS, we will streamline the way users interact with web domains.” ENS names are paired with GoDaddy domains.

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