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Ways to start learning crypto for free

Cryptocurrencies can bring great profits or significant losses. Start your journey with training, here are a few ways to learn about crypto trading free of charge.

While the cryptocurrency market can undoubtedly be alluring to traders, diving into it can be daunting, especially for newcomers. Luckily, learning the fundamentals of crypto trading doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. There are numerous resources available that offer comprehensive guidance and education entirely for free.

By leveraging these resources and employing strategic learning approaches, mastering the art of crypto trading can become not just feasible but also accessible to those willing to put in the effort.

Where to start learning about cryptocurrencies

The first step in any aspiring crypto trader’s journey should probably be to understand how the blockchain works, and what tokens, cryptocurrency, and NFTs are. Consider starting by researching and learning the basic terms, as well as the slang. The definitions should be freely available online and as they are used by most experts, they should enable traders to be able to get through material much easier.

It is also recommended for traders to create a wallet for storing cryptocurrency. This way they can start practicing basic operations with digital assets. At the same time, it is worth reading up on the different types of deception or scams, in order to avoid fraudulent schemes.

In terms of things traders may want to avoid in the early stages, one of the main ones is probably giving in to success stories. Many articles and telegram channels contain cases of traders earning profits 5, 10, 20, or even 50 times their initial investment. However, you shouldn’t believe everything. People are always far more likely to publicize their profits over their losses, which can make it seem extremely easy to make money on crypto quickly.

It’s also best to avoid FOMO. Most cryptomaniacs get burned precisely because of the wrong strategy. They give in to emotions and lose money.

Free study materials worth considering

Online courses

One of the best methods to learn about crypto market analytics is online courses where authors explain the basics of this area and examine the conditional aspects. Some popular free tutorials include:

1. Coursera

Online course provider, Coursera features a course that introduces the basic concepts of cryptocurrencies. In the video, the lecturer explains to classes how decentralization is implemented in practice, how Bitcoin mining works, and how digital assets are stored. A brief explanation of altcoins is also given.

The course was created by Princeton University. Although a certificate is not issued, the resource could be considered an effective way to develop a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies.

2. EdX

The UC Berkeley course differs from other courses because, among other things, it has a section on Ethereum. In other columns, the authors talk about game theory and also offer a unique approach to highlighting security pitfalls in the context of crypto assets. Though the course can be viewed for free, if users want a certificate there is a fee of $99.

3. Udemy

This two-hour video course explains the essence of distributed systems and their place in the history of money. This course could be perfect for those who wish to learn at a slightly slower pace than is available on sites like Coinbase. It may also appeal to those who do not intend to fully immerse themselves in various aspects of the blockchain and the Bitcoin ecosystem.

4. Media

Many cryptocurrency media outlets have their own knowledge base. In particular, has a special section dedicated to the most popular topics in the cryptocurrency market.

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