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We are working with local regulators in Kenya while we take a break from world ID verifications. CEO of WorldCoin claims.

“We have stopped performing World ID verifications in Kenya while we continue to discuss the issues raised by the local regulators. We regret the inconvenience caused to everyone in Kenya. For privacy, World ID was designed. We anticipate starting up again and continue the global deployment. – WorldCoin CEO

After being suspended in Kenya, WorldCoin has released a statement in reaction.

The Kenyan Ministry of Interior and Administration said that Worldcoin operations had been halted while it carried out investigations to assure the security of the information gathered.

The CEO and Co-Founder of WorldCoin, Alex Blania, announced the temporary suspension of WorldCoin’s verification process in Kenya in response to the government directive. He added on Twitter that the corporation is taking a break while working with regulatory agencies to address the issues brought up.

WorldCoin addressed the Ministry of Interior’s concerns over its operations in Kenya in a statement. Due to the cryptocurrency’s widespread acceptance, there were lengthy lines of people waiting to have their transactions verified.

We acknowledge the Ministry’s statement and want to stress that security is our top priority. We also recognize that the large crowds over three days at KICC constituted a significant problem.

The team is currently creating an onboarding program that involves improved crowd control measures, according to the company’s statement. Additionally, they want to work with local authorities to raise public awareness of the privacy protections that WorldCoin implements everywhere, not just in Kenya.

“Worldcoin looks forward to continuing its services in Kenya while working closely with local regulators and other stakeholders,” it stated. “Worldcoin remains committed to delivering an inclusive, privacy-preserving, decentralized on-ramp to the global digital economy.

WorldCoin underlined that it protects customers’ personal data with cutting-edge technology and strict security procedures. The business has also reaffirmed its dedication to upholding strict adherence to Kenyan rules and regulations, guaranteeing full compliance and transparency in all of its operations there.

The business has also stated its commitment to fostering fruitful conversations with regional stakeholders in order to forge a seamless and beneficial partnership.

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