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According to a recent report, 3% of all blockchain developers worldwide come from Africa.

Africa trails behind with just 3% of the world’s developer talent, whereas the United States and Europe account for about 60% of all blockchain developers globally.

Despite an almost 70% drop in cryptocurrency prices, the number of monthly active Web3 developers climbed by 5.4% to over 23,300 in the past year, according to a new research.

Only 3% of all blockchain developers worldwide, according to the survey, are based in Africa. As of March 2023, the distribution of blockchain developers worldwide is as follows:

United States (US) – 29%
Europe – 29%
Asia – 13%
United Kingdom (UK) – 6%
India – 6%
LATAM – 5%
Canada – 4%
Africa – 3%
Oceania – 2%
Russia – 2%

In reality, developer activity peaked in June 2022 with about 26,500 active developers, and only then did it start to decline. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency market’s capitalization began to fall after reaching a high of $2.9 trillion in November 2021.

Despite a 70%+ decrease in values, the report found that there are over 23,343 monthly activity developers in the crypto space, representing a 5% YoY growth.

In addition to the increase in monthly active developers, the report’s other significant findings illustrated the robustness and growth of web3 development in 2022.

The following three findings are highlighted:

  1. Despite a 70%+ fall in costs, the number of monthly active developers increased by 5% year over year:

23,343 developers per month as of December 2022
Open-source crypto projects receive 471,000+ monthly code commits, with a +8% YoY increase in the number of full-time developers. The most crucial growth indicator to monitor is full-time developer growth, as they were responsible for 76% of code commits.
For the first time in 2022, an all-time high of 61,000+ developers contributed code.

  1. Crypto network value is back to January 2018 levels, but monthly active developers have increased +297% since 2018. Comparing the previous crypto winter to today:

3x growth in Bitcoin monthly active developers, from 372 to to 946
5x growth in Ethereum monthly active developers, from 1,084 to 5,819
Solana, Polkadot, Cosmos, & Polygon grew from fewer than 200 devs to 1,000+ developers

  1. Beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum, important ecosystems are emerging:

72% of developers that are active on a monthly basis work outside the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems
Solana, NEAR, and Polygon all saw 40% YoY growth and have 500+ active devs overall per month.
Sui, Aptos, Starknet, Mina, Osmosis, Hedera, Optimism, and Arbitrum all experienced 50%+ YoY growth and have 100+ active devs overall each month.
3,901 developers work in DeFi each month on various networks, up 240% since the summer of 2016. Half of these workers don’t use Ethereum.
In NFTs throughout chains, 900+ engineers write code each month, up 290% since 2021.

The aforementioned conclusions were made as a result of monitoring over 9,000 ecosystems, 163,000 crypto-specific repositories, and over 124 million lines of code, according to Electric Capital.

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