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BRICS Initiative

Barely 24 hours from the just concluded 15th Annual BRICS Summit, Brazil has proposed the Chinese Yuan as Trade Guarantee to Argentina as the dollar’s influence declines drastically in that country. So, in order to reduce the trade risks associated with the dollar, all exports headed towards Argentina from Brazil will be conducted with the Chinese Yuan amidst Argentina’s acute dollar shortage.

At the same time, Vladmir Putin has also just announced BRICS games 2024 and invited all BRICS member states to the epochal event that’ll be the first since admitting six more countries into the bloc. Extending invitation, Putin said “Russia will be happy to welcome BRICS athletes during the 2024 Games of the Future, which will feature hybrid disciplines in both traditional sports and popular video games.” The sporting event is slated for June 12-24, 2024.

In the west’s sanction war on RUSSIA since the start of the RUSSIA-Ukraine war, Russian sportsmen and women haven’t been spared. They have been publicly humiliated and altogether banned from nearly all global sporting events whilst whilst seizing the opportunity of such events to celebrate/glorify Ukraine and promote their course in that country. With the new face BRICS vis BRICS + Six and a dozen plus other countries on the wait list, Russian sports personnel may no longer be needing western sports establishment, from the look of things. What happens in 2024 at the BRICS games in Kazan will set the tone for where the future of sports in our world lies – in the hands of those who would deploy sports as a weapon of choice against their opponents or those who will separate politics from sports, obey the rule of law and respect peoples right to personal opinions.

As the BRICS summit got underway, the legacy media and their talking heads could swear that BRICS was not ever gonna be able to admit any new member, because according to them, BRICS was too weak, too divided to forge any more alliance past where they were before the summit. When the big announcement came, the shock on their faces was legendary. With all the pessimistic vibes they tried to give out, it now appears the BRICS nation are even running faster than many had anticipated. Just that they managed to find a crazy way to keep it all quiet and just show up with actions – something I believe the west and their media goons are still scratching their heads to comprehend.

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