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Sailor paints giant ‘B’ on boat to promote crypto across the waves

A captain from Brussels took his passion for sailing and Bitcoin and set sail on his Sato Boat painted with a giant orange “B” to promote the cryptocurrency across the seas.

There are some passions that are larger than life—some so expansive that they cover the seven seas. For Rémi, a captain from Brussels, this is the case. 

$26,047 in early 2021 and has been on a mission to combine this with his longtime love of sailing. Cointelegraph reporter Joe Hall met up with Rémi on his vessel, which he calls the Sato Boat — short for Satoshi — to hear more about his nautical endeavors.

“I am choosing to live out my two passions: one, the oldest one, is sailing, and the new one is Bitcoin. So, I created this project by combining these two domains.”

The Sato Boat captain explained that since spending an entire day painting a giant Bitcoin B on the sail of his boat, it has become a floating symbol for the cryptocurrency.

He said that the B-adorned sail helps him promote Bitcoin adoption in boat races, on beaches and across the Atlantic Ocean, where he has sailed for the past 18 months.

Finally, he said BTC is well known in the universe 🌎

“The best thing about this project is meeting people everywhere: Portugal, Spain, France, UK and discussing Bitcoin, society or anything in their life.”

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