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Bitcoin Leads Surge in Weekly NFT Sales Topping $423 Million

According to data from Cryptoslam, Bitcoin network saw a massive uptick in non-fungible token (NFT) sales over the past week, registering over $162 million in transactions. This represents a 76% increase compared to the previous week and cements Bitcoin as the top performer in the NFT market for the period. 

Blockchains by NFT Sales Volume

Blockchains by NFT Sales Volume | Image Source: Cryptoslam

Overall NFT sales across major blockchains totaled $423 million last week, up 32% from the week prior. This marks the third consecutive week of strong growth. Ethereum followed closely behind Bitcoin with $160 million in sales. 

Other top gainers included Solana, BNB Chain, and Mythos Chain. Leading collections were Bitcoin’s Uncategorized Ordinals at over $41 million and NodeMonkes at $35 million. Some notable sales included a Bitcoin “Burgie” NFT for $1.44 million and a Solana “Composable Restaking Position” NFT for $1.1 million. 

The number of NFT buyers also jumped 41% week-over-week, signaling rising interest. However, top marketplace OpenSea saw declines in February, with sales and active users falling to the lowest levels since May 2021. 

The NFT market continues to see volatile but substantial growth, with Bitcoin stealing the spotlight over the past week. As new buyers enter the space, sales activity is likely to remain strong across major blockchains.

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